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The world is awash with money

 You don’t have to work hard.

It’s not about struggle, being frugal, or even good planning. It’s about lining up your thoughts and feelings with what you really want.

  • Setting crystal clear intentions
  • Forming new habits of appreciation and looking for the most joy in life

Your attitude is the most important factor in attracting wealth and abundance. Prosperity flows when you are enjoying life to the max, having fun, feeling open and alive, and letting it all in. Fears and worries block the flow.

 Your mind is the control valve for your personal
flow of abundance and prosperity.

Isn’t it time that YOU control your mind?

If you read my Money Magic! Manual and still feel like you want more help, I will be happy to act as your coach, mentor, cheerleader, and fairy godmother to aid you in attracting increased prosperity and abundance. When clear intention is combined with ongoing support in the coaching process, the results are nothing short of magical

Coaching Clients typically –

  • Make more money
  • Land better jobs
  • Improve the quality of their relationships
  • Make more friends
  • Experience more fulfillment
  • Feel more confident
  • Have a more positive attitude
  • Have more FUN

It works like Magic!

Find Out How I made Money Magic! Work for Me

I’m not making this stuff up. I live it everyday. I even wrote a book about how I changed my whole relationship with money in only 90 days. You can do it too. Just follow along and practice the exercises in my Money Magic! Manual. In fact, I’ve decided to make reading the book a prerequisite for abundance coaching, because often that is all you will really need to shift your life in a positive direction – and it is a whole lot less expensive!

Money Magic! Prosperity ManualSometimes big changes take intensive reprogramming of your habitual thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. That’s what it took for me to clear my money issues. My finances were a mess until I learned how to use the Law of Attraction to open my treasure chest of abundance. I had to literally use every trick in the book, because I was really stuck. The good news is that I was able to shift my attitude about money enough so that it now it flows freely in my life – as long as I keep my attitude uplifted and my consciousness expanded.

Because of my past struggles, and then finally learning the easy way to attract what I want, I am now able to assist others to do the same thing. I know it works from personal experience, AND I know how hard it can appear to be to break out of a stuck place. I was there longer than I care to think about. It’s like being in a dark box with the lid on, and then suddenly the top is opened and the light flows in.

My Money Magic! book can open the lid for you! It’s all about my experience of clearing my money issues, and learning to use the Law of Attraction in my own life. The Money Magic! Manual is full of great exercises and tips that will help you increase your prosperity in 90 days – guaranteed!

If you give it a shot for 90 days and STILL feel stuck, the personal support and feedback of a coach can be invaluable. For some people abundance coaching is the best option.

Is Abundance Coaching for You?

Listen to your heart. How does it feel? Start using the Law of Attraction right this minute. Tune in to your feelings and let your heart lead the way.

If you feel uplifted, hopeful, and positive when you think of hiring your own personal abundance coach, that is your Inner Self telling you to go for it. If you feel a contraction, or any negative feeling, then it is not for you – at least not at this particular time or in this particular format.

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Bernadette Wulf - Magical-Life CoachWhy Would You Want Me to Coach You?

Learning and using the Law of Attraction is an ongoing process. Sometimes it takes a few months to really get the hang of it. I want to continue to be there for you – to encourage, and fine tune the process of manifesting your dreams – and then be there to celebrate your achievements.

When I started my EFT and Reiki practice, life coaching didn’t even exist! Now I feel that Coaching fits my personal style, because I can work with people who have a basic understanding of Law of Attraction. I have also discovered that I am good at it. I can even incorporate EFT when my clients feel like they’ve hit a wall. It is the perfect combination! I’m looking forward to helping you bring out the magic and abundance in your life!

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