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What Clients Say about  Bernadette Wulf:

A new dawn in your life“Bernadette is very, very insightful. A Person who Truly Cares. Total PRO at  helping others.” — James

“Fantastic. Totally in  tune. Felt she ‘got’ me right away. Good  advice. Feel safe with her.” — Candy

“She is good, keeps you connected with yourself and the goals.” — M. Jan

“After just one session I found the job of my dreams. This stuff really does work like magic!” — D. Kelly

“Before our session I felt like I was drowning. Now I feel like I can swim!” — D. T.

“I was overwhelmed with my book project until Bernadette helped me break it down into smaller steps that I could easily accomplish in a week or two. Now that it is published and selling, I really don’t know how I could have done it without her help.” — Terri

“It was so helpful to have Bernadette put things in a different perspective whenever I started feeling confused about my career change. She got me to recognize what I really wanted, and I ended up with a better job than I ever thought possible.” — Frances

“I felt very positive working with Bernadette in her style of encouragement… I loved being reminded to take steps in a direction of change. I again realize that change can be done in little steps so as to not get overwhelmed with my desire to do something different... I am grateful to have had a sounding board for my thoughts on creating a way to satisfy my desire to serve people and create income while doing so. … She gets right to the heart of the matter!” –– J. Collins

“Bernadette’s calm and reassuring presence helped me shift to a much more positive view of reality – the Truth about reality. That in turn has improved my financial flow. I found the EFT really helpful to use whenever my old negative patterns started coming back. Now I use it all the time.” — C. Miller


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