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Bernadette Wulf - Magical-Life Coach

Those are credentials I’ve collected in my “tool belt” over several decades, but they don’t tell you much about who I am.

My story may be similar to yours in some way, and it is probably very different in other ways. I grew up in Northern California and was a very shy, sensitive child who spent a lot of time drawing and running around in nature, playing with any animal I could find.

When I was 12-years-old, I realized that I had a mission in life and I set out to discover what it was. After several decades of searching through all sorts of spiritual teachings, I finally realized it was simply about being my true self and following my heart. There isn’t any truth outside of me that I need to find!

That’s the hero’s or heroine’s journey we see in so many myths and legends. It unfolds in different ways for each of us, but it always leads back to the same realization – the “holy grail” is me! No need to look any further. Now it’s just a matter of discovering all the amazing ways I can show up as my authentic self.

Grammy B - Magical-Life CoachAs the oldest of ten children, I spent a lot of my childhood taking care of kids, and later spent quite a few years as a nursery school teacher and nanny. In my late twenties I had two children of my own, and now they have their own little ones – and I just have to say, being “Grammy” is one of the highlights of my life.

I love working with the inner child of my clients too. That fresh, magical innocence of childhood never leaves us. It does get buried in a pile of rubble sometimes, and it takes a little work to dig it out. Without our inner child, life loses its playfulness and fun, and we get stuck in a boring rut. I’ve certainly been there and I’m glad I found the way out. Our inner children need to play!

I’m also an animal lover, as you can probably tell from the photo with my grandson and my two little rescue dogs. In fact, the magic of plants, animals, and all of nature is central to my life in so many ways. I really do believe in magic, and I use it all the time in my own life. Magic is the language of the subconscious mind and using rituals, symbols, and shamanic journeys can create powerful, positive changes in our lives.

I’ve been an artist all my life and you can follow the link at the bottom of the page to see what I’ve been up to in that department.

Change is part of my purpose – transforming the world from the inside out. I’m guessing it is also your purpose, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Together we are creating a new world. It feels like it has been a very long wait, but I sense the time is near when we will see a dramatic shift toward a more positive reality.

Life is good!

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