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Do You Ever Wonder, “What Is My Life Purpose?”

The Magical PathWhat if YOUR Path Has Never Been Walked Before?

What if You are Meant to Step into Your Magic?

  • When life starts to feel routine, heavy, or even boring, you can be sure you have lost your magic
  • If you feel confused, stuck, lonely, broke, or afraid of failure, there are solutions
  • Sometimes you have to look beyond what you believe is possible
  • That’s where Magic happens!

I don’t mean waving a wand and “Presto!” everything changes – although it could work that way. That’s the wonderful thing about magic. It is full of surprises.

More often, it’s about using your imagination to trigger life-altering changes, often with the help of symbols, rituals, and yes even a wand if that feels like fun to you. Your subconscious mind is just waiting for the right sort of instructions to get started creating the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, most of us were never taught how to communicate with the subconscious mind. That’s where Law of Attraction Coaching comes in!

Lucky for you, it’s not too late to learn!

Are you:

  • a dreamer longing for a better world
  • a visionary with a new perspective to share
  • a highly sensitive person
  • an intuitive
  • a passionate teacher, healer, or artist?
  • Do you see realities that other people seem to miss – possibilities, insights, patterns, connections, and synchronicities?

If so, you are exactly who you are meant to be. You are gifted!

Your sensitivity and vision may not feel like a gift. Sometimes it can even feel like a curse! It’s hard to fit in. Most people don’t “get” you. It can even feel like you are paddling upstream against the current of life.

You may have a really big vision and feel like you are too small to accomplish it. Or nobody in your social circle seems to recognize the truth you have to share. Maybe you are here with a mission, but you haven’t quite figured out how to step into it. Don’t worry. You are right where you need to be.

You have already laid the groundwork for your Magical Life!

You could be ahead of your time. Maybe the world has to catch up with your expanded awareness.

  • What if you are just a moment away from fulling your desires?
  • Maybe you only need to step into your natural magical possibilities.
  • What if everything in your life has prepared you for NOW?
  • What if you are standing on the launching pad, ready to blast off into the reality of your dreams?

You ARE!

I have good news for you. NOW is YOUR time to shine. The world needs you to step into your full potential and spread your magic like a wave of light in the darkness. You are here to change the world, and all you have to do is be yourself – fully and authentically. I am here to support you in your mission.

Emerge! magical-lifecoaching.comWe are living in a time of monumental change.

It is challenging to live on planet Earth right now – AND we wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Right?

It hasn’t been an easy ride, but we made it this far and we are ready for change. We are catalysts for change. Our very presence on the planet is changing the fabric of reality. Can you feel that?

You and I, and lots of other creative visionaries are inserting new possibilities into the matrix of life. We are stirring up a lot of chaos – and out of chaos comes a new form, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.

  • Are you ready to emerge and let us see who you really are?
  • Are you ready to share your unique gifts with the world?
  • Is it time to rise out of your own ashes like the mythical Phoenix?
  • Will living your magic help others find their own magic?

It’s time! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page. If you feel like it would help to have a little support in stepping into your Magical Life, I’m here to assist. That’s my mission.

change your story - change your lifeRemember how magical life felt when you were a child?

You were born to experience spontaneous joy, laughter, abundance, creativity, imagination, and freedom, but somehow the magic started to fade as you grew up.

Other people tried to control you, or maybe they made you feel like you were not good enough. You may have experienced overwhelming challenges or traumas, and eventually you lost the spark of joy and hope that made your life feel magical. Your natural inner bliss started to fade and maybe you didn’t know how to find it again.

How can you get it back?

Most of us don’t believe anybody else will accept or appreciate the most creative and powerful aspects of ourselves – but ironically, when you fully accept yourself with all your weirdness, quirks, perceived flaws, and amazing abilities, something magical happens.

There is magic inside of you, just waiting to be released, embraced, and celebrated. You are a unique, and powerful being with a very special gift to share with the world. Maybe you have forgotten what your gift is, or maybe you haven’t found a way to express it in your life so you keep it hidden.

Believe it or not, the truth WILL transform your life!

Here’s a quote that transformed my life:

“Do you know that when a  person has their first negative  emotion, they are NOT being
honest with themselves?
They have deviated from the clarity and purity and worthiness and well-being and perfection that they ARE, and they’ve chosen a DISHONEST thought about who they are.”   ~ Abraham-Hicks

Wow! Abraham really tells it like it is.
The truth WILL set you free!

It is all about recognizing and accepting the truth of your amazing perfection in each and every moment.

You were born to shine!

Your particular light is sorely needed in this world. Otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. You came into this life to make a difference on this planet, so maybe it is time to let your light shine as the star you are. That doesn’t mean you have to be flashy or loud. You may have a quiet, gentle light that heals and makes the world a more beautiful place with your loving spirit.

Activating the Magic of Freedom,
Joy & Prosperity in Your Life!

The wonderful thing that happens when you fully embrace and express who you are is that everything in your life becomes more magical. You can have it all:


  • Prosperity, Financial Flow, Money, Abundance
  • Health, Vitality, Flexibility, Ideal Weight
  • Love, Romance, Harmonious Family Life
  • Fulfilling Career, Security
  • Joy, Freedom, Satisfaction, Contentment
  • Even Enlightenment!

If you don’t like the story you have been living, it’s time to change your story.

I’ve Been There…

For many years, I struggled with lack and limitation, particularly in the area of finances. I spent a chilly winter living in a camper shell on the back of a pick up truck with my (now ex) husband and two small children. Needless to say, it was not the highlight of my life!

But that experience inspired me to find the key to effortless prosperity, freedom and joy. After decades of searching I discovered a path to free financial flow through the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham-Hicks. Once I found that financial flow, abundance in other areas of my life fell into place effortlessly.

Since I was 12 years old, I knew that life could be so much more than what most people believed or experienced. I knew I was here to expand the horizons of reality for myself and others. The veils of illusion were always a bit translucent for me. I could remember past lives on Earth, and in other dimensions where reality was much more expansive, joyful, and abundant. It was painful to have to shrink myself into the expected model of human consciousness.

Ultimately, I was never able to shrink myself into the Muggle mindset, no matter how I tried. My magic had to come out! I kept it secret from the mocking Muggles in my world, and there were many, but always kept exploring and expanding my consciousness in my inner reality. Maybe you have had a similar experience.

Recently, I have realized that the time for secrets is over. It is time to share my truth and shine my light – and it is your time too! You wouldn’t be on this page otherwise. Are you ready?

Because of my natural intuitive gifts, understanding of human nature, and ability to hear and reflect the underlying truth in what my clients are saying, I am uniquely qualified to recognize your magical gifts and coach you toward the life of your dreams.

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If you want to make changes in your life, there is no better time to start than now! Coaching package options make coaching affordable for any budget, and Magical-Life Coaching sessions are offered world-wide through phone or Skype.
  • Feel the Freedom of Expressing Who You Really Are
  • Attract More Abundance
  • Create a Fulfilling Career
  • Have More Fun
  • Find Your Ideal Partner
  • Shed Unwanted Pounds
  • Regain Lost Health
  • Reclaim the Magic of Your Inner Being
  • Step into a Life of Joy
  • Figure Out What the Heck You Really Want
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